Why Choose UB Connex

Highly Visible

The screens are installed in high traffic locations of the condo at eye level, your notice can not be ignored. Some common screen location include elevators, lobbies, parking vestibules, club houses, laundry rooms and mail rooms.

Engaging and Interactive

Touch screen technology that attracts residents to engage and become active readers of your content.

Convenient and Versatile

Schedule notices remotely from the convenience of your computer, update residents on the day-to-day condo life, in real time. Provide Parcel delivery information.


Keep your costs at a minimum with advertising subsidy options.
Trusted by over 400 condominiums managed by
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Notice Templates

Save time and utilize our library of over 500 notice templates. Anything from your regular fire drills to by-law educational material. We've got you covered so you can select a template, schedule the run time and go back to work.

Advanced Scheduling Capabilities

Be smart about your communication, not only you can preschedule your notices to go up on certain days in the future, you can also control the time in which each notice shows up or disappears to keep your communication relevant at all times.

The equipment is sleek, reliable, and effortless to control. With elegant casing, interactive contents, motion sensors, LCD touch display, owners felt updated on all matters of the Corporation. The elegance of the displays in the elevators, mail rooms and at the front near the security desk enhances the areas and provides a better impression of the buildings.
Pauline Reynolds — Property manager
Vero PM
Relevant Content

Relevant Content

MaxTV partners with local media providers to supplement your screens with local news, latest sports and real-time weather updates. You control which content your residents see.

Community Classifieds

Community Classifieds

Help residents connect and foster a better sense of community with a digital classified board Now your residents can post a parking for rent, a sofa for sale or a gig post for a nanny.

Resident Polls

Resident Polls

Engage your residents in condo decisions. Renovating the lobby? Let them help you decide on which design works best. Simple tool to create an interactive survey to poll your residents right on the screens.

As the Property Manager of a large complex (just under 1000 units), communication has been a primary consideration. Having UB Connex’s electronic notice boards in our elevators and other common element areas has made our world a better place. Once click messages of interest to residents and visitors are mounted immediately and clearly, allowing for special alerts, education and other miscellaneous messages so important when running a building.
Penny Dickenson, Property Manager,

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